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One of India’s Largest Home Textile Manufacturers and Exporters in India

GHCL has achieved a CAGR of 14% in the top line of its textile business for the last 8 years. With an existing capital investment of Rs.13.50 billion in the Textile business GHCL plans to invest another Rs.3.50 billion in the next 2 years. The Textile division is an integrated set up commencing from spinning of yarn to weaving, dyeing, printing and processing till the finished products like sheets & duvets take shape and are primarily exported worldwide.

GHCL is one of India’s leading manufacturers of Home Textiles with an in-house spinning unit at Madurai, Tamil Nadu and a state-of-the-art weaving and processing home textile facility at Vapi, Gujarat. In order to fulfil the energy requirements of the Textile division, GHCL produces 27.3 MW of captive wind energy.

GHCL’s Home Textiles facility at Vapi, Gujarat

As one of the leading integrated manufacturers of home textiles in India, the plant in Vapi, Gujarat, has an annual production capacity of 45 million meters of finished fabric per annum right from greige fabric to finished fabric. The existing capacity of each process is: weaving – 12 million meters/annum and processing – 45 million meters/ annum which is then converted into products like duvet and sheet sets to name a few. This facility houses the best of equipment like Tsudakoma, Picanol, Benninger, Kuster & Monforts. It has the flexibility to process both cotton and blended fabric. GHCL’s home textile products are predominantly exported worldwide.

GHCL is constantly looking for newness and has been a perennial innovator of quality bed linen. Our recently launched innovative Brands include: REKOOP, CIRKULARITY and MEDITASI reinforce our commitment towards our four pillar strategy of innovation, traceability, sustainability and giving back to society.

REKOOP, a range of sustainable, traceable bedding is manufactured using the recycled PET. GHCL has partnered with Applied DNA Sciences (ADNAS), Stony Brook, New York for the CertainT platform which forensically offers traceability to the REKOOP Brand. GHCL believes in responsible value creation and is very conscious of the impact of its business towards society and environment. Plastic pollution is an increasing cause for concern all across the world. With REKOOP, GHCL is taking a small step towards reducing plastic pollution and creating a sustainable future. 36 PET bottles are used for the production of every 250 TC REKOOP sheet set (60% cotton 40% recycled PET). This helps in the reduction of landfill space, crude oil consumption and carbon emissions in the atmosphere. For more information, please visit www.rekoop.pet

The CIRKULARITY brand of bedding supports the Circular Economy and centres on ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. The collection of sustainable bedding launched under CIRKULARITY are The Spin WIN Collection, The Nefertiti Collection, The Velvette Collection, The Sylva-Cell Collection, The Wood Wheel Collection, The Comall Collection and The Cratus Collection. To know more you may visit www.cirkularity.com

Meditasi, a collection of health & wellness bedding has nine distinct ranges. Meditasi, means “meditation” in the Malay language. This collection focuses on improving the health and wellness and rejuvenating the user during sleep with features like radiation control, temperature regulation, moisture management, athletic recovery etc. To know more you may visit www.meditasi.net

GHCL produces 27.2 MW of captive wind energy which fulfils 35% of the energy requirement of the textile division. We plan to set up 3 more windmills of 2.1 MW each thus increasing the existing capacity to 31.5 MW. The aim is to continuously expand and be one among the top three competitors.

GHCL Meenakshi Mills is GHCL’s spinning plant located at Paravai and Manaparai near Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. The plant has a production capacity of 82 tonnes per day with 185568 spindles, 3320 Rotors, 5 airjet spinning machines and 5760 TFO Drums.

The plant spins multiple variety of yarn ranging from 16s to 32s in open end, 30s to 120s in ring spun compact counts in 100% cotton and 24s to 70s counts in blended yarns. It sources its cotton from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra, Karnataka, USA, Australia and Egypt. The yarn produced at the plant is used at GHCL’s weaving plant at Vapi and is also sold to various customers, through agents and a significant quantity is exported.

The yarn produced at the plant is used for GHCL’s in-house weaving and is sold to various other customers in both domestic & export markets.

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