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Home Textiles – Bed Sheet/Linen Manufacturer & Exporter

GHCL is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Bed Sheets, Bed Linen,Duvet Sets, Sheet Sets, and Comforter Sets & More in India.

The mill commissioned way back in 2006, since then have been catering to plethora of retailers & importers across the globe and domestically.

Domestic business contribution to our total volume by output is 15% by meters and 10% by value.

We manufacture & supply private labels for retailers such as Future Retail Ltd (BigBazaar) and National Brands like Bombay Dyeing, Raymonds, Portico & Tangerine.

The total domestic business projected for FY 2018-19 is INR 35 Crores which is roughly 30 lacs meters.

We produce printed bedsheet sets for Indian bed size King (108 x 108 inches), Queen (90 x 100 inches) & Single (60 x 90 inches). Our products are made out of 100% Cotton and Polyester blends with chief value cotton which is 60% Cotton/40% Polyester, contribution being 50% in each. GHCL stitching line specializes in varied decorative stitches like zigzag, marrowing, pintuck & fagotting for the pillow cases.

By & large GHCL is the top most supplier of Bedsheet in the organized retail of domestic market. We are looking at multiplying our sales two times by the end of next fiscal.

GHCL’s home textile products are exported worldwide including to countries like USA, Australia, Canada, and UK & Other European Countries.

Eco-friendly, Wrinkle-free Bed Sheet Products

GThe Wrinkle Free Technology used by GHCL is highly Eco-friendly. We completely use Eco-friendly chemicals made from the plant extract & Bio mass from waste stream called Midori. It is also known as Eco-friendly cross linking or EXL Technology.

We do not use the alternative harmful wrinkle-free technology known as DXL (Dry cross link) and MXL (Moist cross link) which use Glyoxal based chemical containing Formaldehyde. Fabric containing Formaldehyde is harmful to the human body.

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